Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Heartbreak Kid 1972

The ORIGINAL Heartbreak Kid from 1972 written by Neil Simon and starring the incomparable Mr. Charles Grodin (along with Cybal Shepherd). This movie got us Madison Underground kids through some tough times, specifically through its mellow yet anthemic theme which played ad nauseum at our house on Paper Mill via the DVD menu screen. It also taught us how to treat chicks! Sike. Originally I just wanted to rip the menu screen from my DVD, but that proved too difficult. Our friend the Z Man a.k.a. Zack Bouchet Friedman (all three names may be mispelled!) turned us on to the HBK and his bro got us a very hard to find DVD burn. When Ben Stiller sorta re-did it, no one even did a re-release! So some dude took it upon himself to Google Video it, and that is from whence I took it, so it's legal, dude.

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