Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Danny - A Life in Photos

You know who really benefits from my having this scanner. Dan Fans. Fans of Dan Robinson. I remember back in the day I wrote this mini script about me and my friends waiting on line at a candy store at the mall, and it was no coincidence that Mallrats had just come out. It was hackneyed but funny and kinda good. Huffer pointed out that it seemed to be skewed towards making me look cool. That stuck and has been my prime artistic motivation ever since. Not sex, not death, just lookin' cool.

Me and my mom... dig that perm!

Ninja Attak Begins.

Me and Kim (My girlfriend in High School.)

Brendan "Huffer" Huffman and Pam Mullenhour.

Me with Kwami, R.J., and Karl.


Karl Dettbarn.

Me and Bobby Campbell.

I always been singin'!

Billy Frolic!

Me and Billy Frolic.

Me and the Main Man.

Me and Huffer.

Junior Prom!

Paddy Robinson with me and Frolic's dates.


Bill Kate

Me and Bill

Colleen Kozak

Frank Pater

Mike Cruz

Mike and Jen

EK and NA

Explosive Kate

Decade of Error

Nick Sinister

Mike Gallagher

Brian McGee

Tom Martin

Me and Meg (My girlfriend in college.)

I'm the best man in the Frolic Wedding!

Me and Nikki (My girlfriend in real life.)