Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Widget" is Kinda a Gay Word

Nonetheless! I went widget crazy. Now, nearly all of my "publishable" music is available right to yer right! Starting at the bottom, Ninja Attak's two releases, My First Time and a split 7" with the Crash, ripped from vinyl to my computer (never mind that huge skip in "Cool Kids"). Plus the two "lost tracks" from the split with the Crash. I haven't blown my Ninja Wad yet though, as their are several good NA demos, specifically Ninja Attak II that need a little love. Mike Bardzik said he'd take a look at it for me... more on that dude later! Above that are Power of IV's two releases (both CD versions), A Slight Rebellion Off Madison and Walking Distance. Walking Distance is still available on 12" vinyl over at the Madison Store for you purists, and the Madison Retro department is working on a new CD release of Slight Rebellion due to overwhelming public necessity. Above that is Endless Mike Jambox, and above that, the almighty Tit Patrol! That includes our first full-length entitled Shut-Up Juice and all the best tracks off our 7"s. Not included is our new record called Tit Patrol Gets Less Worse, which is currently being mastered by Joe Queer's people in Canada. And last but not least, above that are yer fabulous Headies with our entire newest record called Sugar and Spice (and Everything's Fucked), due out on MUR this month and two key tracks from our debut EP. Thanks to everyone who played on those with me (Mike Cruz, Dan Lyons, Dan Stampone, Matt Volk, Paddy Robinson, mc Ben, Timmy Toner, Mike Radka, and Grant Robinson) and super-special thanks to everybody who wrote songs with or alongside me (Sean Rule, Billy Frolic, Todd Purse, and Brendan Huffman). Enjoy my music and what it says about me to give it away!