Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Performance of the Day 2/18/09

Ok, so if you are familiar with Metal Mike's MySpace then you might too be familiar with Daphne and Celeste. Now, it's best not to think about it too much. Unlike the simpler bubblegum sounds of the Archies, the Sex Pistols, the Spice Girls, mc Chris, or Hannah Montana, D + C are a bit more confusing. I'll tell you this: this tune is off the "Bring It On" soundtrack, cerca 2000, they are from New Jersey, America, are my age, and this song is the same chords as "Louie Louie". Though I don't talk about it all the damn time, bubblegum is one of the vital pillars of "what music should be" along with punk rock, soul, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll (oi vey!, and the musics what made them up.) I mention that because a song like this poses a challenge to songwriters of the world, and casts further shadows of irrelevence on the moody and a-melodic. Music should have more sound effects.

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