Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Performance of the Day 2/24/09 - The Fabulous Mummies!

When Tit Patrol was in New Hampshire recording, we began living by Ape Doctrine, a la "Ape Must Not Kill Ape," etc... We also got the Mummies record that we wanted for a damn decade! The Mummies are of that terrific pantheon of Rip Off Records/Radio X bands, along with Supercharger, the Rip-Offs, the Infections, the Donnas, the Problematics, etc... Know it, love it, be it. U.S.A. Garage. Plus Great Ape Society Wilmington, Delaware.
"You Must Fight to Live on the Planet of the Apes" - Damn Right!

Plus Bonus "High Heeled Sneakers" cause it rules.

Mad more Mummies at YouTube, and "Never Been Caught" now available for download on Pirate Bay.

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