Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Headies and Terrifica at Pastabilities

We (the Headies) and Terrifica did an acoustic show at Chef Luigi's Pastabilities in Little Italy last night. We got bonus meatball subs, veal (Yeah that's how the Headies get down, VEAL), and prosciutto Sicilian slices! Plus, Mr. Moist is a mack! Of course, when the Headies play acoustic, it involves an electric guitar! Pete Terrifica had his 4-track out, so if it's any good, I'll post the live trax when I get 'em! Headies photos by Nickle-B, Terrifica photos by me.
The Headies!




Terrifica! Minus the J-Vav!

Sammy Williamson

Pete "Awesome" Dawson

Nacho Rich

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