Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Robinson Library

And if you liked that, you should pop on over to the Madison Underground Store, convieniently located in the sidebar to your right, and pick up hard copies and/or digital downloads of all yer favorite Madisonverse Heroes! Including:

Suburban Lengend Comics Issue #4 -
"Get Dressed Up, Get Messed Up"
by Robinson and Campbell
Love in the age of cooties, sexy youth (like Gen-13), and mad copyright infringement. Like High School Musical graphic novelized.

Funtime Comics Issue #8 -
"Life During Wartime"
by Robinson, Campbell, and Purse
Anti-everything good-time party boys get serious for a minute, escaping America. A Suburban Legend Comics/The Floor is Lava Crossover Event!

53rd and 3rd Issue #1 -
"Concrete Jungle"
by Robinson and Purse
A female Jack the Ripper stalks 1976 New York's male hustlers to a punk rock soundtrack, antics ensue.

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