Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Beauty of Ba-Durr!

As all good trips go, it begins with seeing Karl on the side of the road buying 7-Up, pulling over and bullshitting with him for awhile. Karl declined to go to the show with me, most likely due to us missing his bartender competition a few years back. We'll get him there!

Super sweet Ba-Durr! set at 46 Madison this weekend, along with the Ultimate Headies, Paramedic, and Good Luck. I don't wanna give anything away, but I got to sing with the Durrs on a work in progress cover of Endless Mike Jambox's "Karl Konnection!" Ba-Durr! rules and are cute too. Ha-cha!

This was I believe The Paramedics, who sounded like a mix of Hellbender and Thin Lizzy, featured Justin Long a.k.a. "Mac Guy" on vocals and tap-on guitar, and who I think Tit Patrol will be playing with at Name TBA Fest at Robby's house on Paper Mill, I had to get up on the couch to photog these guys, and I didn't have the gumption to do it for the Good Luck, or maybe this was Good Luck and the others were Paramedic. Neither favored distortion.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Introducing mc Ben!

Hot from the presses, the Headies debuting our all new, all now bassist, mc f%#&in' Ben! Live form RLH guitars in Red Lion, PA. Filmed by Jamesage!
"It's A Super-Man's World" and "Do the Gremlin"


"Super Booty"

"Gimmee My Cheeseburger"

"Feets Don't Fail Me Now"

"Betty is a Pill-Popper"

"Black Bubblegum"

"Joelle (How Much You Love Yer Baby?)"


Monday, April 27, 2009

Headies Today!

Come see those whacky Headies today at Chris Ba-Durr!'s house, 46 Madison Drive in Newark Delaware! DO IT!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bold Predictions

I have seen the future, and this is how the 2009 MLB season will play out. But I'm not sure who wins the Wild Cards... SPOILER ALERT!

NL East


NL Central


NL West


AL East

Blue Jays
Red Sox

AL Central

White Sox

AL West


See ya in October, chump.

Danthology History Corner

I know it's odd for me to have any history not pertaining to rock and roll, but I am also interested in other stuff too, just not as much! These are from a super cool website called, some of the coolest, but there is much more for an inquisitive mind to explore. Enjoy! Again, ignore the size issue or just buzz on over to the site for better displayed maps.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Performance of the Day - No Bunny!

Just when you think you know everything and everybody who is really good, I mean really good, Toddy finds something new for us to adore. I know nothing more yet than the music is the best, and what a band! In the vain of King Khan and BBQ or King Louie, I am very very happy to present No Bunny!

Live from Tiajuana 10/8/08
"No Bunny Intro"

"I Am a Girlfriend"

Live from Vancouver 8/21/08
"Hocus Pocus"

"It's True"

Live in Austin Texas.
"Chuck Berry Holiday"

2009 Phillies - Week 2

1-1 vs. Washington Nationals
1-2 vs. San Diego Padres

Lame week two for the season, with everything overshadowed by a major Death in the Phamily, my man Harry the K, the man who called damn near every Phillies game I ever heard or saw, passed away in our nation's capitol on April 13th. And our Phillies of course beat the lame-ass Nationals that night, a bittersweet victory, to say the least. "Sugar" Shane Victorino and Ryan "The Black Lava" Howard each dinged their first of the year, Raul Ibanez put out his third, and Jamie Moyer got his first victory of the year. Only five games in seven days, with a scheduled day off followed by a rain out in Washington, followed by three straight losses, one to the Nats (their first win of the season) and then two straight to the Padres, who, like the Braves in the opening series, played better than they are. The second game to the Nationals featured the bullpen, specifically Jack Taschner, getting beat up and poor Philadelphia offense. In the first game of the Pads series, the Phils scored five in the first and were up seven to one (featuring Chase Utley's first homer of the season) when the Headies went into our gig in Red Lion, and when we were done, they had lost 8-7, apparently Madson choked it up. The next night's highlights were the middle of the order's power with Utley, Howard, and Ibanex all going deep, and then seeing my man Brad "Lights Flickerin'" Lidge blow his first save in 47 tries. All good things must come to an end, but my it was painful. Finally, we were down to the Padres in the ninth after the new guy "Too Cool" Raul Ibanez bonered on in left, allowing them to go up. It was all better though when the man smacked the Phil's first walk-off jack of the season and got mobbed at the plate as the Phils won 5-4.

So, the offense, except for my man J-Roll (who did homer in that final win as part of the comeback), is stellar. Everybody's power and average numbers are tip-top, but our pitching is suffering. Madson and Lidge are why we went to and won the World Series, and nobody can be perfect forever, but in order to win about a hundred games, we need to stop leading the league in home runs allowed. Less maudlin next week, I am sure...

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Mummies - Sold Out!

The f@%#in' Mummies are playin' two gigs, one at the Southpaw in Brooklyn and one at Maxwell's in Jersey, and we can't go at all cuz that shit is sold out! The Mummies site is pretty great, encompassing and derogatory, so I pilfered some of their best stuff to show you. And again, if Pirate Bay survives, "Never Been Caught" is available. The Kings of Budget rock would not object to yer download.

And some now-classic Mummies flyers, done right in black and white!