Monday, February 9, 2009

Show Pics February 7th, 2009

Show February 7 at the Spot! Featuring The Anne Frankenstein, Tragic Johnson, Tit Patrol, the Surf City Rockers, and Ba-Durr! As per usual, Mike Radka and the Main Man are the most photogenic.

Mike Radka aka "The Rad One" aka "Turbo G"

mc Ben Strikes Again

Andy Lees

Wild Bill Kate and the Impatients

The Anne Frankenstein

Tragic Johnson! For my money, the best band of the night and always one of the best bands to play with/hang out with. If they didn't run Milltown Records I'd try and get 'em on Madison!
Eric's Tatoo





My obligatory Matt Latchford pic.

TIT PATROL MOTHERFUCKER! Thanks to Nikki for snapping a few of the Tit. She would have taken more but the pure punk force was too much to not boogie to. Thanks to Wild Bill Kate for singin' Spanish Grrrlz with us!

All Hail the Surf City Rockers, actually out of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and some Blue Hens among 'em. Turns out the lead singer and me used to hang out front of Kirkbride Hall in Newark with that so-called 11:15 crew and that horrendous Brandy person. And I think he looks like Steve Sax, formally of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Dig these Rockers over at

"Newark's Second Fattest Band" Ba-Durr! (The exclamation point is part of their name, but I'm still excited.) Don't let that bandana fool ya, they are pop-punk and proud. Check them out, why not, at their MySpace, now generously available somewhere in my sidebar, and at