Monday, February 2, 2009

My Kid Brother

Patrick Joseph Robinson was born in Chester, Pennsylvania and grew up in the early 1980's in the Forty Acres neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware. This was on the cusp of the denigration of the "ethnic" neighborhood in Wilmington, but still a for bearer to more modern times, and Patrick benefited from an extended family of Thompsons, Kamences, and Weisingers to surrogate, discipline, or send him for a pack of smokes. He attended the neighborhood grammar school, St. Anne's where he began twelve years of Catholic education.

When the 1990's rolled around, Patrick and his family moved to the suburbs in the Brandywine Hundred area of North Wilmington. He attended St. Edmond's Academy middle school and Salesianum High School, were Pat's easy and outgoing ways made him very popular. In high school, Patrick excelled in both sports and music. He was an All-Star catcher for Brandywine Little League and made the travelling team, and played guitar and sang in his own band, Decade of Error.

Patrick graduated from Salesianum and began attending the University of Delaware and studying photography. In the meantime, Pat kept up with music, playing bass guitar in the Endless Mike Jambox, and first delved into the business world, co-founding the extremely successful line of Destroy Clothing. With Destroy, Pat was delegated to the business end of things, but his creativity wasn't sated. He graduated in 2005 with a BFA in Photography and left the East Coast for the first time.

Patrick began his professional career in San Diego, California working as a freelance photographer. He also started a new clothing line, Fight or Flight, in which he would oversee the business side and have a much stronger hand in the design field. He founded Robinson Imaging, a full-time studio equipped to handle all design and photography needs. In 2008, Patrick moved back to Wilmington and set up Robinson Imaging in the Forty Acres neighborhood he grew up in, making the East Coast a little cooler once again. Patrick's talent behind the camera is matched only by his exuberance, he is perpetually a Christmas morning puppy, yearning to please, to achieve, and of course to make art.