Sunday, April 5, 2009

Opening F#^%in' Day!!

I'm so happy I could plotz! Tonight, tonight my World Fuckin' Champion Philadelphia Phillies start playin' ones that count again! Luckily for me, my man and sax-a-phonist supreme Wild Bill Kate was on one of his many trips to Las Vegas the other week and put down some bucks for me on the Phils to DO IT AGAIN. To start off the season in style, we get these sweet gold trimmed jersies, and I don't know if you know this, but I bleed gold.

Yesterday was the last Spring Training game (ahh, Spring Training, can't wait for it to start, can't wait for it to be over!), and though I had to work (SUCKS), my lucky parents were there (as well as mc Ben and of course the Main Man), six rows back of first base and squarely in camera for all them lefties! So, I got to do one of my favorite things and photograph the tv!

My ma is in the big shades and my dad in in the Phils cap and beard, and the Flyin' Hawaiian is the one with the helmet! You can't see it, but my mom is wearing her Pat Burrell shirt I got at the York Galleria for $2.99, and when Ace Lefty Colbert Hamels tossed Pat the Bat a sweet meat ball in the first (cause that's how you treat yer freinds!), and the Bat lifted it out of CBP, she went bananas! Alright everybody... let's win 100!

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