Monday, April 6, 2009

MtV'S Undressed

So we all know Gossip Girl is great and ultra-modern, and I myself have a very effective religion that highly involves High School Musical 1-3, but what I really love is that which frames my generation, starting with Space Shuttle Challenger exploding, I believe. The eighties were cool, cause they were the last bastion of old school parenting, and acid-laced blue star tattoos were everywhere. Kids born in the nineties have it rough, cause they had it easy. I have a super-soft spot for all fictional characters who graduated high school in 1998 (or around that) including the Boy Meets Worlds, and the Saved by the Bells (actually Class of '96, I believe for those Baysiders). And once we all graduated, MtV hit its pinnacle of sex-laced pseudo-reality with its now-classic sorta-soap "Undressed." Pre 9-11 TV! Land lines! It's like the Hills but WAY better, somehow realer. It's like a sexual taboos show, where every situation is made commonplace. The best thing about "Undressed" was the low quality of acting and Vaseline smeared lenses that gave it a soft-core porno feel, right on the MtV. And the writing was unashamed, stupid, sometimes embarrassing, and wonderful. Last April, every episode had been made available for free online viewing at And right here on Danthology, a smattering of my favorite episodes, beginning in media res with #5. Enjoy! (Sorry about the weird space issue, just watch, Tina is my Fave.)
Episode #5 - "Strip Poker"

Episode #6 - "The Odd Couple"

Episode #7 - "Love It or Leave It Again"

Episode #8 - "Unstripped"

Episode #9 - "Seeing Eye Dog"

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