Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Leftovers Photos

Great show at the Spot last night, actually in conjunction with the Urban Bike Project downstairs, but that didn't fuck it up, even though those Bike-Types was skeevin' 'round all night. Ba-Durr!, the Cock Blocks, and the Ever-Lovin Blue-Eyed Tit Patrol were all kick ass, but when the Leftovers came on, I had to go get my camera. It was a real treat playin with these dudes, poppier 'en hell and super tight, with songs that I haven't stopped singin' since. Plus bonus cred, because unlike a lot of bands that come through, they weren't afraid of Market Street, even venturing down to the Fry Korner for shrimp! Good job, Leftovers!

Kurt - vocals and bass

Andrew - guitar and vocals

Matt - guitar and vocals

Adam - drums

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