Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Headies in Red Lion

Cool show last night in Red Lion, Pennsylvania at RLH Guitar Shop. We Headies debuted our new secret weapon, mc Ben on the bass guitar! Now, we were not Five Live as promised, because me and Todd are bone-diddley-oners and each thought the other had confirmed our sax-man supreme, Wild Bill Kate, for the gig. We did not. BUT! Next time!

The Cock Blocks and the Sheckies were great (and all really cool to hang out with, by the way), and just a bit unfortunately, the local teens called Panic Disorder sorta insisted on playing before us Headies, and when they left, so did like twenty five high schoolers! Ce la vie!

You know the usual gang of idiots...



And the new jiver: mc Ben, strikes again!

Our buddies the Sheckies! Comin' to the Spot on May 29!
Andy (Thanks for the amp!)


Vinny on bass!

From Shippensburg, PA - the sexy and photogenic Cock Blocks!

Mr. Boofman



Zac (Thanks for the tissues!)

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