Monday, December 15, 2008

Urban Bike Project featuring The Impatients

Here's an abbreviated photo set from the Urban Bike Project December 13, 2008. Some jerk (who is me) did not charge his camera battery and hence came up short. No Count von Crust pics (which is a shame cause Chris looks wild with those cats!) or the Apes or EPH Tradition. I did get some shots of the Impatients, a few candids of Tit Patrol, etc..., and from Reading, PA, the Gloominous Dooms! The Bike Spot is cool cause every week there is all us Delaware kids and then some other brand of weird-o, be it Brooklyn hipster or Reading metal heads. There were even some Bastards of Odin motorcyclers there, but I didn't take their pictures in case it violated their precious code of honor. Tit Patrol and the Impatients did a "versus" set back and forth style and Ally Impatient was nice enough to let me share her sweet bass!
The Impatients

The Gloominous Dooms