Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Queers Live!!

Here is most of a live set from the best pop-punk band in the world (which is to say the best band in the world period, cause pop-punk is the most truly vital music, along with soul and bubblegum), the motherfuckin' Queers motherfucker! It is almost in order, but not really. Live at the CPA in Italy, 2002, with a great line-up... Joe Queer on vocal and guitar, Dangerous Dave on bass, Matt Drastic of Halflings fame on drums, DANNY VAPID on second guitar, and my man Wimpy joins the boys on vocals. Watch the Queers live right here at Danthology!

"You're Trippin'"
"Live This Life"

"Monster Zero"

"I Hate Everything"

"Hi Mom, It's Me"

"No Tit"

"Rockaway Beach" by the Ramones

"The Kids Are Alright" by the Who

"Granola Head"

"Tamara is a Punk"

"Ursula Finally Has Tits"

"See Ya Later Fuckface"

"I Only Drink Bud"

"Sidewalk Surfer Girl"

"Get a Life and Live It"

"My Old Man's a Fatso" by the Angry Samoans

"Ben Weasel"

"Love Love Love"

"Another Girl"

"Like a Parasite"

"I'll Be True To You" by the Monkees

"Teenage Bonehead"

"Too Many Twinkies"

"Debra Jean"


"We'd Have a Riot Doing Heroin" & "Terminal Rut" & "Fagtown"

"Wimpy Drives Through Harlem"

"Kicked Out of the Webelos"

"Tulu is a Wimp" & "I Want Cunt"

"I Spent the Rent" & "Nothing To Do"

"Fuck You"

"I Like Young Girls"

"This Place Sucks"

"Fuck the World"