Friday, December 12, 2008

Pat the Bat Tribute

Well, it happened. During the economic crunch and Manny-Mania, the Phils took the step and signed a replacement for my man, Pat Burrell in the Philadelphia left field. It just went down, so I don't know everything, such as why we would sign another left handed hitter to our lefty-heavy squad, or why we were able to give a 36 year old three years and not to the younger Burrell, but we now have the extremely respectable "Too Cool" Raul Ibanez. Great numbers, better OBP+ than the Bat, good man, good cheap alternative guitar, and I'm happy to have him, but I may be the biggest straight, non-female Pat Burrell fan in the tri-state area. I will miss him desperately. See, I am a better fan and more knowledgable than most, and while most money-ballers cream to OBP+ etc..., in my eyes the biggest stat is heart. While so many heckled and booed Burrell, I was always cheering, realistic yet optimistic. During those lean years Pat and J-Roll (with and assist from Bobby Abreu) were the whole team. I really wish we could have had him back for another two/three years, but here we are. I just hope he finds a good home, probably making bank as a DH somewhere, hopefully not New York or Boston, hopefully Baltimore! Pat the Bat and Big Tex? I'll drive down, or catch a ride with mc Ben. Anyway, thanks Pat! Here is an abbreviated highlight reel. We'll see ya around...

Words of the Bat. Pat, Elvis, and fans. Pat and Elvis in the PARADE. One of Pat's many fans.
Burrell takes Dice-K deep.
A big two-run homer.
Burrell's 200th carreer dinger, out in Chavez Ravine. Eagles chant?
The crowd goes crazy for Pat the Bat!
A "Burrell Bomb" - dig the newly retired Jumbo-Tron graphic.
Left field hecklers.
On Deck with Pat, Chase, and J.C.
Just for fun.
Philly #1 Draft Picks.