Saturday, December 13, 2008

Endless Mike Jambox

Oi! We (that is Tit Patrol and the Headies!) have some new video on the way, thanks to the newly (and thankfully for us) returned Jamesage! So in anticipation, to whet yer whistle, here are some killer live action videos of my directly previous band, the infamous Endless Mike Jambox, featuring Billy Frolic on rhythm guitar and back-up vocals, mc Ben on lead guitar, Paddy Robinson on bass, John Paul Pfizer on drums, and me Danny on singer! F.Y.I. i have a lot of old live footage of everything I ever did from Ninja Attak to Power of IV (when I was drinking!) to the Jambox to today, and I plan on digitizing all the old VHS and making a master Dan-Live Channel on which you can spend your days and brains, never to turn the station, cause you KNOW I do it the best.

"California Sun" at the Baby Grand in Wilmington, March 9, 2007.

"Kim Kelly is My Friend" at the Rock Club of Philly, St. Mary's Church, University City, February 2007.

"Channeling Dead Punks" at the Baby Grand in Wilmington, March 9, 2007.
The Jambox preps backstage.