Thursday, December 18, 2008

Endless Mike Jambox @ Punk Rock Prom 2005

This is a real scorcher! The last Endless Mike Jambox show with Matty Volk on drums before he went on to bigger and worse things! The Punk Rock Prom 2005 at North Street in Newark, DE, where everything went tits up for me, but damn can I sing! I'm dressed like a weird-o casue it's the PRP, but Billy Frolic always dresses like that. Strangely I have the same haircut right now, after much variation. Paddy Robinson on bass and mc Ben on lead guitar, and most importantly, filmed and uploaded by Brendo-"Nintendo" Huffman. It looks awesome, Bren, kinda like Cloverfield! Scary. (Hit Play then Pause to let the son of a bitch buffer!) Oh, and I apologize for any rude gestures I made during the filming!

P.S. - If Matt wants to do a record I will too.