Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hip and the Hipsters

Awesome show at the Urban Bike Project last Saturday, in which not one, not two, but three rock and roll bands played! We were fortunate to have the Stalkers in from Brooklyn and the Toughshits in from Philly, and even though they looked like a) boyfriends of rock band Heart cerca 1973, b) extras from "Almost Famous", c) Sonny Bono conventioneers, or d) the dude selling Pall Malls while wathing "Little House on the Prairie" at the Texaco station, we all know that punk rock is 99% music and 1% everything else, so they were f@*#ing great! Plus they are very photogenic! The Stalkers in particular were fab, covering "Needle in the Camel's Eye" by Eno, and playing their own brand of punk influenced power-pop, not unlike the Stiletto Boys. The Apes finished off the evening with their neo-pomo-grunge revival, drunkenly and admirably! I guess it goes without saying that, like always, Tit Patrol was the greatest and best band that played that night or any night! No competion from the great Sexon Horse because Butch Worthy was sick. The Hunt Club also played. All photos by me (Dan) except Tit Patrol shots by mc Ben.


The STALKERS! (from Brooklyn, NY)

The TOUGH SHITS! (from Philly, PA)

The APES! (from Wilmington, DE)