Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Thorns of Life

1,2,3,4 who's punk what's the score? Well, we all know Aaron Cometbus is. For the uninitiated, Cometbus is the zine master behind (obviously) Cometbus and contributor over the years to Maximumrocknroll, Absolutely Zippo, and Tales of Blaarg, not to mention lots of mini-books. He may be even better known as drummer alum for Crimpshrine, my precious Sweet Baby, and the awesome Pinhead Gunpowder, among a lot of others. Well, A.C. has a new outfit, and you may have heard of the singer, some dude named Blake Jawbreaker. Along with Danyella Sea from the Gr'ups, they are known as the Thorns of Life and are secretly rockin' 'round Brooklyn, on the wrong side of the Williamsburg Bridge, building buzz among the hipsters, who will undoubtedly abandon them when the punks get ahold! I don't know any song names or anything, but check out the NBT.