Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Paddy's Redux

Ahh, an evening of traditional holiday music at the Urban Bike Project. I was reasonably happy with most of the night, even politley enduring this band called the White Suns (sounds a little racist to me) who drove down from Connecticut and brought two guitars with them for some reason. They are Pedal-Core with as much soul as slave driver drums, but I was nice cause they were our guests and I have no idea how to make fun of music like that anyway! What do you even say? They said it all with static. Any-hoo, during another spectacular Wastoids set (our punk-a-billy band) these jabronies kept shouting out Green Day numbers, such as "When I Come Around" and "Time of Your Life". Initially I was befuddled, as we sound nothing like Green Day, though compared to those guys, we sorta do! I instantly took it as an attempted bust, as back in the day, bands who were "hard-core" would make fun of your simple or poppy tunes with similar epithets. I of course, love Green Day! "1039" and "Kerplunk" are absolute classics, "Insomniac" is one of the best mid-nineties punk records, and if you remove the radio hits, "American Idiot" is obsession worthy. So maybe these guys were trying to humorously endear themselves to us. I don't know, it just seemed bitchy, and I limited my anger to wasting a guitar solo in satire, playing all open strings with my arm over my eyes. However, with the ignorance they portrayed, they probably didn't get it. Now, I should add that Chris Crust made me feel alot better by shouting appropriate cover tunes, such as "Can Yer Pussy Do the Dog" and some Hasil Adkins tunes! It made me feel like there was someone there who knew this would upset me, and maybe, just maybe, I'm not a total jerk for feeling that way. I wish I could be more like Chris... but they call me Mr. Sensitive and I am me!

Hot Toddy and His Wilmington Wastoids, as photographed by Murph!

Holy Dirt! Is one of the scandalous Count von Count two-man side projects, featuring Tommy von Count and the heroic John Pyle! They work hard and they play hard! Yeah, yeah, I should have turned on the flash. I know. But this is atmosphere, y'all!

Blown Doors are Sean Connely-Core featuring mc Mike Haley. They set up a thousand gadgets in a dark room with speakers and hum into microphones. Photos by me.

Hot Toddy as photographed by Mz. Jess Cross. I am a fan of her work (as we both enjoy low shutter speeds!) and you can be privy to it over at!

And here's Jess' Holy Dirt pics, lovingly photographed!

Thanks to everyone who came out, and All Hail Tom von Count!

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