Monday, March 16, 2009

Nitro Nationals!

So it is written! East Coast Nitros Bombshells are national Champs! Last Saturday in the Hershey Park Arena (a perfect venue for another live action Scooby Doo movie... this place is creepy and kinda old and fulla nooks and crannies), where the street lights are chocolate kisses, I watched and documented the Bombshells get the highest score of the day and achieve national recognition! I absolutely could not be prouder of my Nikki! She kicks so much ass it is a crime. She set me up with some fries and a spot up top where I could video tape and photograph the entire proceedings without looking like too much of a perv! So, I video taped all Nitro teams (all of which won, by the way, they really outclass all comers), and we are working on the transfer, but I photographed everybody else, so these shots are non-Nitro, and rather PA Elite All Stars, Top Flight Gym, TNT Gym, Valley All Stars, Diamond Gym, KATS Extreme, etc... Now, I was not comfortable gettin' down in the mix, so I have sole angle shots from my perch, and as I got more in the groove, I aimed for tricks (a.k.a. stunts) achieved and syncronised herkies! Great job by all squads, seriously, and so much fun too! Thanks Nikki for turning me onto new awesome things!