Monday, March 16, 2009

The Headies Live at Mojo 13!

The Headies live on February 25th (I think) at Mojo 13! Playing to the best damn two-man audience in the world featuring Timmy "Main Man" Toner and Jamesage Yetter (who filmed, editted, and uploaded these wonderful vids!) No slight to anybody else, but that is great friendship and I appreciate it! See, Billy Frolic tends the bar on Monday nights at Mojo, and when some band cancelled, they needed a fill in, and that is us! We used the low-stress gig to play some numbers we have never brought out in front of people yet. These are almost certainly the last three piece Headies videos you will see, as big things are in the works... big MC things.

"Soap, Soap, Soap" by Judy and the Loadies

"Do the Gremlin"

"Joelle (How Much You Love Yer Baby?)"

"Gimmee My Cheeseburger"

"Money" by the Sonics

"Betty is a Pill-Popper"

"Good Morning Miss Bliss Part 1"

"Fantasy Novels" by Science For Kids

"High on Drugs" by Metal Mike Saunders

"Bebe is a Footballer"


"I've Been Around" by the Animals

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