Monday, March 30, 2009

Pop-Punk at the Spot

Great show at the Spot last night, though the Sunday night slot cut into our high school girl fan contingency. Pop-punk abounds and every band was entertaining and had good tunes! A few of the cools showed up early... All photos by me unless otherwise noted.

The Main Beverage

The Main Man

The Rad One

Wild Bill Kate

Grant and Poison Ally



Robby Kills

You wanted the best, you got the best! Hometown heroes, punk rock visionaries... ladies and gentlemen, the TIT PATROL! Photos by Robby, (Good Work!)

The Cock Blocks from Shippensburg, PA! These guys are great and really cool and guitar Justin runs Punk Rock Promotions and has been booking the Tit with lots of sweet gigs! We'll be playing with 'em a lot, so go ahead and fall in love!

Justin Slieone - guitar and vocals

Joe "Dogboy" Rockwell - bass

Zac College - drums

Mr. Boofman - vocals

The even better than expected Flamingo Nosebleed out of Fort Wayne, Indiana! These guys were fuckin' sick and tight, and their drummer hits VERY hard, always good. F.N. definitely made their spot in Wilmington's heart by closing with a sing-along cover of "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg", a sensitive and heady choice of a Ramones cover, if I do say so myself! Both Flamingo Nosebleed and the Bricktops are heading up to the Electric Cave in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to record with Creepy Uncle Jim, as the Tits just did for our second LP! So you know they're down.

Jake Emissions - guitar and vocals

Druie Ooie - bass and vocals

Pete Dio - drums

Nikki and mc Ben

D.J. Eff Tradition


Out of town headliners, the Bricktops from Delphos, Ohio! They were great, totally sick Queers style pop-punk! Plus they popped a belt in their van outside of Harrisburg, fixed it themselves, and got to the Spot with plenty of time to spare! If that was the Tit, we'd have resorted to cannibalism and what not! Check 'em at and dig "Ten Year High School Reunion" and "The Bricktop Bop!"

Kevin G. - guitar and vocals

Kevin O. - bass and vocals

Josh T. - drums

And closing out the night was New Castle's Finest, the best band in Delaware: Tragic Johnson! Now including a New Castle Brown Bear which King Eric killed, skinned, sewed jeans on, and wears for warmth, comfort, and style.

Robby Kills - guitar and vocals

J-Rock - drums

Ian Thrash - bass

King Eric - vocals

Me and my brother Tommy.