Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nikki is a Bombshell

Here are a few shots from my main squeeze Nikki at her last competition. Nikki is a cheerleader (and always has been and always will be!) and since she's done with school she cheers for the club team of East Coast Nitros. Nikki is a perfect cheerleader because she has so much spirit it hurts, and she is a super-hottie. The Nitros have different explosion themed squad names based on level, i.e. the little girls are the Sparklers, older girls are C4 (get it?) and Nikki is a Bombshell! And she is, too! Mainly I want to say how incredibly proud I am of her every day, especially when she is glitter-sexy cheer girl! Here are a couple shots of her and her teamates, and some very special action shots of my other favorite squad, ECN Heroes. Heroes is the differently-abled team, and so aptly named because they truly are my heroes. Their spirit is so thorough it makes me cry, and they inspire people with brain problems like me to be ourselves and kick ass. Next Saturday Nikki has a competition at Hershey Park and me and Toddy and Ally are going! (And maybe others too I hope!) I'm gonna take a million shots of my Bombshells in action and video of the routine! Go Nikki! Go Nitros!

Nikki is the sexy blonde in the middle!

Bombshells in Action!

My Heroes!

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