Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It was weird not having the internet in 2009. Like when I wanted to know (after watching House Husbands of Hollywood on tv) if Billy Buckner had played anymore after his all-time World Series foul-up in '86 but couldn't access baseball-reference.com, or what projects Zac Efron has coming up and IMDB was nowhere to be found. The Headies did a show last Friday at the Spot in conjunction with the Wilmington Art Loop, Deco Design, Holy Dirt and whoever else, and I did a theoretic homage/What If? as Zac Efron in a remake of "Jailhouse Rock." I was very sexy! But no nets was weird... I stayed up late to watch MLB network until they showed all the standings and then I'd buy the Snooze Journal the next day as well. Now as you well know, I haven't a Twitter account nor a Facebook, etc... and you may say, "Dan, do you even think you have some sort of Ludite moral highground when you are a blog-aholic, addicted to sweet blogahol?" or "Are you not embroiled in your precious Millenialism with your Lady Gaga and your Gossip Girl? What gives?" And I guess I don't, nor for once am a striving for it! Because in the internet's absence I developed a better method of Tweeting. I simply write my thoughts down on strips of construction paper, such as "Changing my D string" or "The best way to quit drugs is take 'em all" and then drop them out the window of my apartment on the third floor. That way the dudes at Greenhill Auto always know what's up. And Zac Efron doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter account neither.

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