Monday, September 28, 2009

The Headies - Huge in Germany!

Another review from the old country! Dude, I'm not sure if google translator is all it's cracked up to be, but here is what the Ox-Fanzine thinks about the Headies first EP, "It's a Superman's World." (Available on and

Humph, nevertheless, eight songs, of it two covers, this is rather a better EP, or? If there is the whole, however, for the small price and with cool songs, goes already to order. The HEADIES (so shots in the head are called, by the way, in the "Killerspiel" jargon proved my Google search) from Delaware play classical punk rock in DESCENDENTS-and QUEERS kind and can be only convincing so of course. The cover are "Indian giver" of the RAMONES and " High on drugs " from the solo record of Metal Mike (ANGRY SAMOANS). This fits of course like the fist on the eye, and who is a fan of the tape called in the course of the text, can access without hesitation, all the others can sound the complete album before on There is a point Deduction for the length or shortness of the album (7)

Cool! A seven out of something! Usually we get one word in German or French that translates to "horrible!"