Friday, September 25, 2009

Public Option Duh!

I could sit here and give you guys 1000 eloquent words as to why we need the public option in whatever health care reform takes place, but it would all come down to the same thing: don't be a selfish dick who believes right wing lies. I've wanted government funded health care since I lost mine when I ceased to be a student, and even a little bit before due to the common sense angle. If there was a such a thing as a slippery slope (which I do not believe in, even when I could use it for my point), then next thing you know paying for a fire department to put out fires in low-income areas will be the next thing billed as "socialist." I don't give an F about the free market, but having the public option (keyword: option!) would not violate anything innately American, while denying people in need is anti-American, read yer Statue of Liberty! Penn State (a public institution) did not push Harvard (a private institution) out of business, and neither would publicly available health care. It would just become another arbitor of the class system. Dig this: publicly available health care would not steal business that doesn't deserve to be stolen. THAT is the free market. I will not abandon my private health care for public, because no matter what I do I can't get private health care, because I was depressed in 2005. It's for people who need it, so grow a pair of morals and simply make your voice heard to help your fellow Dan. In Delaware? Give Senator Carper a call and let him know "real health care reform must include a real public health insurance option that's available immediately."

Senator Tom Carper

Call now! I just did!

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