Tuesday, September 16, 2008

John McCain as "IT"

Have you heard about this Jill Greenberg thing. She is a photographer who specializes in computer altered images and funky lighting to achieve her desired effect. She has shot lots and lots of celebs and icons and the like. She was recently hired by Atlantic magazine to do a John McCain photo shoot, but unbeknownst to them, she doesn't exactly like the Senator from Arizona. She shot McCain in very unflattering light and, though she claims the photoshopping was minimal, she encouraged the decrepicy. That's actually putting it lightly... in the less doctored photos, McCain looks freakin' horrible, like death warmed over but worse, all neck flab and chapped lips, evil and shadowed, standing over a strobe light. And in one particular shot, she gave him a blood-rimmed mouth with random spiked teeth, like Pennywise. The worse part is she is out there bragging about it without context, claiming to have duped McCain. Atlantic will not use them, obviously, and she may face legal action, so they're only available on Greenberg's site. She probably screwed her career a bit, but artistically, I deem this project a success. Anyway, they are genuinely disturbing shots which may give one nightmares, if they were so inclined. I like pretty things, so I wouldn't post 'em here anyway, and also it's a flash player which I can't rip from, but if you wanna real horror show, check out http://www.manipulator.com/


Jamesage said...

They all float down here, Georgie.

Dan said...

Ahhh... too scary!