Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breaking News - Hot Toddy Denounces Shirts

Two more from Wilmington's Punk-a-Billy jokers, Hot Toddy and the Wilmington Wastoids, recording very soon with noted difficult producer Skinny Dick Jones, aka, the Sam Phillips of the Brandywine. Of course, your Wastoids are: Hot Toddy - shirtless vocals, Danny Robinson - lead guitar, mc Ben - semi-visible aluminum man and rhythm guitar, Grant Robinson - mini-sideways electric stand-up bass, and J-Vav on the skins! Videos once again from my man, James Yetter, party dude and humantitarian, lover of Birds and trees. Thanks Jamesage!

"Greyhound Bus"

"When I Get Home"

Check out all of James' videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/bigyetter


Todd said...

Shirts are stupid everyone knows that! Jeans and Sneakers are were its at.

Dan said...

Don't you hate pants?

Jamesage said...

I'm in favor of shorts and socks.

Dan said...

How about no pants, dress shirt, sox? Best look ever?

Jamesage said...

Ahh, yes. The Risky Business, as it's called.