Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Fourth (Blog) Wall

Until this summer, I had always assumed that blogging was, you know, queer. But a couple months ago my technologically savvy (to say the least) dad sat me down and forced me to start this jive up. It was literally hours before I embraced the instant publication philosophy.

Brendan "Huffer" Huffman had his for a good-long while before I recently appreciated what a great way it is to get a bit of Brendan goodness on a semi-daily basis. Trust me, he is funny. Toddy's daily one panel comic is the best way to start a day and, like Huffer, has a knack for getting across his personality really succinctly. It's serialization also includes my all-time favorite Todd drawing, which is Todd as a monkey. It is enthralling. Billy Frolic is one of the most informational, educational, and entertaining dudes there is, and if my computer could handle all the mega-code his blog employs, I could read it more fluidly! My brother Paddy chronicled, stylishly, his cross country trip from Delaware to San Diego and back again. And of course, the great Bobby Campbell gives us a window into his (in my oppinion) hilarious and brilliant mind. All these are listed in the "Some Dudes I Know" section to your right.

I wish all my friends did this. Dudes like mc Ben, Murph, James, Grant, Alex, the Rad One, and you! New to the list, you'll notice, is the all-new, all-now blog of the one and only Timmy "Main Man" Toner. I did to him what my dad did to me and started him on the road to... uh, typing, I guess. That's right, the anticipation nears a close as one of the most pondered intellects in Wilmington finally gives us what we want. It is, I garauntee you, the single most significant item to hit the blogosphere, ever. The conservatively titled, read it now, read it always, your brain will thank you.

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Bobby Campbell said...

Wonderful! This is a terrific thing you've done, Dan! A Timmy Toner weblog, I couldn't be happier.

St. Jamesage has made a start as well:

5 x a day to ALLAH I pray: "MURPH PODCAST!"