Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Headies News!

Good news everybody! The two most recent Madison Underground Recordings releases (The Headies - "It's A Super-Man's World" and Tit Patrol - "Shut Up Juice") are within five units of a dual sell-outs! That's right, pop-punk is NOT dead. Anyway, both bands have upcoming releases, the Headies have their debut full-length recorded and mixed by West Chester's favorite son Mike Bardzik, and it is currently being put together and pressed, due out this winter entitled "Sugar and Spice (And Everything's Fucked)". Tit Patrol is of course going up to New Hampshire to record with Joe Queer from November 28 - December 2 to work on their upcoming second full-length, tentatively titled "Tit Patrol's Still Cookin'". We are unsure whether to spend hard earned bucks to reprint the older releases, or just let them marinate in digital download form for awhile and let eBay have it's way. Irregardless! I'm gonna burn a post in honor of the non-existent lyric sheet from "It's a Super-Man's World." We've gotten a lot of demands for it, so hopefully anyone who cares will check this out... (see above!) Thanks to my constant cohorts Toddy, Frolic, Huffer and ESPECIALLY the Main Man Timmy Toner for being in more than one band with me! And by the way, all songs copyright Dan Robinson and Todd Purse, published by Danthology Music!

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