Monday, May 25, 2009

Punk Rock at 46 Madison!

The second to last show at Chris Ba-Durr's house, 46 Madison Drive! Be sure to come out to the big finale on May 30 with the Headies, the New 45, Ba-Durr, and more! First off, Newark's Finest, our boys the Ba-Durrs! These guys are liscensed party-starters and a joy to engage in forensics with! Note the sexy stand-in lead singer on their cover of Endless Mike Jambox's "Karl Konnection."

Outside on Madison Drive featuring the Main Man (with beers), Peter "Awesome" Dawson, Billy Frolic and mc Ben.

Our good friends Bob's Hemophiliac from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania! Great music, great dudes, I love playing with these guys. You can use a condom twice! Plus the best cover of the day, the Monkees' "Daydream Believer."

From Wilmington, Delaware, the motherfuckin' Headies! As photographed by the Main Man while crowd surfing. Covers included Fats Domino and the Sonics. We win. First shot is of Conor Ba-Durr gettin' into the Headies spirit.

Today's headliners: the Mad Splatter out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These guys were awesome and hopefully we'll be playin' with them more comin' up! And one note... apparently their set included a Misfits cover song, which I was unaware of cause I (of course) don't listen to the Misfits. After the show, I was outside with Toddy, the Bob's and Ba-Durr, playfulling ridiculing Ba-Durr's tendency to cover/like the Misfits, as opposed to far superior bands like Green Day. They told me that the Splatter had perhaps overheard my cruel taunting, so I wanna say, I was only making fun of Ba-Durr (the Alex and Conor part of it anyway!) Mad Splatter rules.

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