Monday, May 11, 2009


You all know me as a lyrical genius (after all, I may be related to Ray Charles... I'm saving up for a DNA test), but occasionally I enjoy a more refined Rimbaud-esque word-to-paper interface. Here's a poem I wrote in the shower while thinking about Chase Utley.

Cold water when I'm guilty, second baseman, psychopath.
Hot water when I'm innocent, clogged drain makes it a bath.

And here's a new double-dutch me and the Rad One, Mike Radka came up with while waiting to rock at a recent gig... oh, and pronounce "pussy" as "poosey". Sometimes you have to do that in poetry.

Big Fat Lucy
Nice and Juicy
Went upstairs to rub her pussy.
Is she dry?
Is she wet?
She ain't even found it yet!
How many flicks until she comes?
and so on!

Feel free to use that one on the playground. Copyright 2009 Danthology.

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