Monday, May 11, 2009

Headies Photo Shoot Outtakes

We Headies just got done a very successful photo shoot by Delaware/Philly/San Diego's finest photog, my kid brother, Paddy Robinson! He is so talented and cool and constantly makes me so proud, I am a very lucky big brother. Our record, entitled "Sugar and Spice (and Everything's Fucked)" is due out this July on Madison Underground Records, and if you want a taste, just listen to it in it's entirety on my sidebar there! Oh, and in a very special offer, we are still fielding executive producers. That is investors who would be listed on the album itself as executive producer. $200 dollars should round out the gatefold cover we wanna do, so get in touch, if you love punk rock and have money. You know who you are! Special on set thanks to Costume Mistress Nikki Frazer and Animal Wrangler Ashley Rhine! And Paddy would prolly like you to no that these particular versions are low-res and untouched.

Mister Billy Frolic!

The heart and soul of the Headies and clearly the cute one: Toddy Purse!

And finally your's truly, Dan. Yeah I know their's more of me than anybody, Shut Up! It's cuz I made Paddy keep going through many costume changes. Note the classic Endless Mike Jambox shirt by Moist.

If that's what's on the cutting room floor, what they kept must be pure gold!

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