Monday, May 11, 2009

Brendan the TV Star

If yer not excited about this one then chances are yer not Sals 98! Brendo has done alot of whacky stuff since exitting my sphere of influence, and this is one of the coolest. On May 25th watch yer favorite Ninja Attak bassist make his reality tv debut on ABC's "Meet the Newlyweds!" We are DVRing it and Nikki is making wings! It involves people who have been married for a short bit of time doing challenges against each other and then getting voted off by each other, etc... and the twist? BRENDAN C. HUFFMAN is on it! I think it is very fun, but if he gets to meet the ladies of the View I'll plotz. Or parlays it into a new Disney Channel series. OK, if that happens I want in, Bren! That will be our bargain: you get me on Disney Channel with Ashley Tisdale and the rest of my HSM friends and I won't badger you for inside info for underground reality tv wagering. Deal? Deal! Love Ya! And seriously, Brendan is fucking hilarious so this should be good.

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