Monday, November 24, 2008

Speak Up America (Or don't!)

Alright, alright... I get it, I could have handled that better. A blog without comments is like a fine Capriotti's Bobby without cranberry sauce. I do want to hear from you, but let me explain. What I am not interested in is discourse on the minutia of a rant. Yes I rant. I rant what I believe and though I likely back off, I mean the craziest of it. It is amazing. I write things that should be wildly insulting to people's beliefs, and they wanna calmly bring up points of discussion, as if I've made any. I am never trying to convince anyone that I am right. Likewise, I can not be convinced otherwise. I may reconsider, but not because of some digital message. Think of my craziest (re:most liberal) posts as extended Zen Koans, meant to shock one out of a stasis. So... comments are back up. I will not be getting into anything controversial (politically) because it just leads to heartache. I talk tough but don't have the thick skin of a Sarah Palin. So comment away, and here are some suggestions, "Yeah Dan, the Phillies really are the morally superior team to root for!" or "My what insight! You really do see right through the mass believed lies and present it in such a scampish way!" or "Thank goodness someone is sane enough to spot racism where it lurks!" or "Spider-Man: One More Day really did set up Spidey for his best adventures yet!" or "Write on, young patriot!" You know, things like that. I have much respect for alternative oppinions and those who hold them. I just don't care to hear them! If you must, you must, but be gentle. Don't be a bummer and I look forward to hearing from you!