Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Punk Rock T-Shirts

Here are all the punk rock t-shirts I have from our precious Wilmington/West Chester scene... most of them are pretty old, but I have all the current ones we did too. I'm missin' some key tees (Halflings, Explosive Kate, more different Plows, Throttle Jockey super-horse, Super Hi-Five, Jake and the Stiffs?, the Orphans, etc...) I know the Huffer's got access to the second wave Halflings color t-shirts, and somebody's got my blue and green EK... Timmy!?!? Billy Frolic has the "I Spent the Night With Tom Martin" shirt. I know Frank Pater had a crazy CMB shirt that wasn't originally a CMB shirt. mc Ben has the Power of IV patch too! There are at least two Count von Count shirts... Anybody got anything good, snap me a shot, send it over, and I'll put it up with the rest! Maybe I should call Arik...

The second/third-ish Plow United t-shirt. I think the first ever just had the Plow "Warped Sense of Humor" logo in blue with Plow-Boy in the middle. I think this is a Joel Tannenbaum Design.

The Crash's one and only t-shirt. Before they added the "We Grease to Please"/"4 On the Floor" logo on the back.

Super old-school Bouncing Souls, way before they sucked, and in fact were freakin' awesome. They used to play with Plow and the Crash at Girls Inc. in Newark, and the Barn Door in Wilmington, then they claimed they were from New York (not Jersey) and never came back. I sewed the armpits back together with old boxer shorts.

The first ever Ninja Attak t-shirt, made at the Concord Mall by K. Farrell.

Great old Plow United patch. I know I have the red logo patch somewhere too, I sewed it on one of those old Slayer hats the Anomaly kids had seemingly thousands of.

Buglite t-shirt, purchased at CD's To Go in West Chester from a wary Joel Tannenbaum.

Original if grody Crash patch. I heard an internet rumor that the Crash are gonna do a reunion show this winter... the Horning Bros. Construction built a beautiful fence on Woodlawn down the block from me.

The first big-run Ninja Attak vs. the Devil t-shirt, artwork by Main Man Timmy Toner, lettering by Mike Cruz.

Plow United "Last Show" t-shirts from the farewell gig at the Unitarian Church in Philly, August 1998. I'm gonna say design by Chris Neuman of 2.5 Children Inc.

Reprise of the Plow coat of arms... gothic "P", "Mom, I'm Ok" stitched apple, Pennsylvania counties and the rook on the chess-board field, plus the Keystone added with life-span.

My man Snoop, one of the best t-shirts ever, courtesy of Karl Dettbarn.

Plow United Re-United! From the one-year reunion shows. I got this on at Villanova, probably the most worn/seen Plow t-shirt. Artwork by Chris Neuman, Plow saves the day, just like in real life.

The first and so limited edition Endless Mike Jambox t-shirt by Alex Rosenfield. I adore this shirt... "Bloodsucking Rock, Newark, Delaware!" Lex washed out the screen to make art for some bird, prolly, so no more of these!

Second, much larger run Jambox t-shirt, again by Alex.

The official Tit Patrol t-shirt, you know you want one... designed by Todd Purse after Arturo Vega.

The current hot-stuff. Alex Rosenfield Couture, Gossip Girl inspired Headies t-shirt. Get 'em while they're hot, and in thirteen years you can start your classic rock tee blog with this one.

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