Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BBBQ, the extra "B" is for bats!

First show at the Headies' Home-Base in Toddy's basement on Harrison and Shallcross, in the Happy Valley neighborhood of Wilmington, went swimmingly! Lotsa cool kids, grillin', racoons, a bat, no cops, The Headies, Skinny Dick Jones and His One Man Band, Count von Count, and Hot Toddy and the Wilmington Wastoids. Then came the hurricane.

J-Vav is the first to arrive.
Evan can sing, and build grills!

Grillin' up some hamburg!
Park Plaza, sunny.

My crazy friend Tommy von Count turned down a free-ride to Bovine University! Crazy!

Billy Frolic and Chris Crust.
The Headies!

Wild Bill Kate on Saxamaphone.
CvC & CC.

Alex keeping ahead of those confounded sleeping deadlines.
Skinny Dick Jones and His One Man Band a.k.a. Wild Bill Kate

Count von Count

mc Ben ain't scared of lightning!

Park Plaza, dark.

All pics take by Dan, except Headies shots by mc Ben. No Wastoids shots!? I know, I know...

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