Monday, August 18, 2008

BBQ Two, August 17th Party Show

Another BBQ Show at Headies-Central on Harrison Street in Wilmington. These are Madison Underground Recordings showcases, featuring the best and brightest of Delaware Punk Rock. This one starred Tit Patrol, Skinny Dick Jones and His One Man Band, the Headies, and Sexon Horses.

The Main Man, Timmy Toner, auditions to be the Headies' organo player. He wishes!

Chris Sexon Horses is very photogenic, no matter what he tells you.

Red Meat!

Sean Sexon Horses.

Grillin' up some hamburg!

Devo Sexon Horses.

The "Hot-Rod."

Wild Bill vs. the Burger.

It's Burger-Time all the time!

Your Hero.

Frasier Tildham - guitar and vocals
Butch Worthy - vocals and guitar

Rocky Highlands - drums
Tit Patrol!!!

Skinny Dick Jones and His One Man Band!!


Sexon Horses!!

So, y'all should come over some time! All photos by Dan, except Tit Patrol and Headies shots by Nikki, and Sexon Horses shots by Toddy.

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