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Plow United Interview - Bloody Wanker Zine

Another Plow United interview, this one from Bloody Wanker Zine, cerca '97... hey, c'mon! I've read worse interviews. You'll read it and you'll like it!

Bloody Wanker- Name, instrument you play, age, height and weight.

Sean- I'm Sean, I'm the drummer, 5'11", 175 pounds…is that everything?

Sara- And height.

Sean- 5'11", no I'm 23- that was the age.

Sara- Oh yeah, the age (my bad).

Brian- I'm Brian, I play guitar, I'm 21 and I'm 145 pounds and I think I'm 5'9".

Joel- I'm Joel, I play the bass, I think I'm around 155 pounds, I'm 6'5" and I'm 21.

Bloody Wanker- What's the Pennsylvania music scene like?

Plow- Pretty much like anywhere else.

Bloody Wanker- Aren't you guys from Westchester?

Joel- We don't live there anymore, but we're from Pennsylvania. We're not from any specific town because we all come from different places.

Bloody Wanker- What are your favorite Pennsylvania bands or bands in general?

Sean- Ick.

Brian- Shortfuse, Super Hi-Five, Dutchland Diesel, uh…

Joel- FOD.

Sara- The Crash? (I love them so.)

Brian- They're a Delaware band though.

Bloody Wanker- How did you guys get onto Creep?

Joel- You don't really get on Creep. You kind of just…

Sean- You stay at their house long enough…

Joel- You stay at their house long enough time that they just fucking throw you in the basement and tell you to record.

Bloody Wanker- How did Plow get together? Were you all friends before?

Brian- We all went to the same high school. And Sean, naturally is two years older than us, so…Well we all met in high school and we were in jazz band together.

Sean- And marching band…

Joel- We played in orchestra together.

Bloody Wanker- What's your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

Brian- I don't really watch it anymore but when I was a loyal Saturday morning cartoon watcher, my favorite, I think, was the Spider Man, Fire Woman, Ice Man…whatever that one was called.

Noel- Spider Man and his Amazing Friends. (Noel's a big cartoon fan)

Brian- Exactly!

Sean- My favorite was the Smurfs from 1985 when I used to watch cartoons, channel 3.

Bloody Wanker- Why did you change your name from Plow to Plow United?

Joel- We were legally obligated (For those of you who don't already know- there's another band out there named Plow).

Sean- 'Cause we started a soccer league (he laughs alone). We had to, they were going to sue us.

Noel- Were you kind of upset about that?

Sean- At first…

Joel- It was kind of annoying…

Brian- But its grown on us.

Bloody Wanker- What's your favorite Plow United song?

Joel- My favorite's "Plow II".

Mumbles all around- Sounds like they say Big Mike and Dean (but those aren't any songs we know of).

Bloody Wanker- If you could marry anyone living, dead, fictional or non-fictional, who would it be?


Sean- Can we come back to that?

Brian- I don't really ever plan on getting married, but I can think of a person or two that I'd like to spend a lot of time with.

Sara- Who would that be?

Brian- I'd rather not name any names (laughs all around). It would be weird.

Bloody Wanker- What do you do when you're not playing with the band? Do you work?

Brian- I work at a Lawnscape supplies place called Sweeny Seed Company. I just do that from 8:00-5:00.

Noel- Is that a plug?

Brian- Yeah, this is a plug…Come get your fertilizer, we have 80 compacts (I think that's what he said) of rock salt, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride.

Joel- Magnesium chloride is great!

Brian- Magnesium and chloride will ruin your shoes. So come down, we'll ruin shoes together.

Sean- I teach math. And uh, that pretty much keeps me busy.

Sara- Do you have to dress all nice?

Sean- I wear a tie. I comb my hair.

Brian- He also bartends too.

Sara- Teach by day, bartend by night.

Sean- It keeps me busy.

Brian- He's a little flashdancer.

Joel- I work in a CD store.

Bloody Wanker- And, uh where's the coolest place you've toured.

Brian- El Paso, Texas.Group- Yeah, El Paso, Texas.

Sara- How come?

Brian- Because the people were awesome and they treated us well.

Sean- And they've all been to jail (I think that's what he said).

Brian- And they're just great people.

Noel- Did they know you when you got out there?

Brian- I think a dozen did, but they're just such freaks and just so fun to be around. They're such good people, they really are.

Joel- What's that other place? Biloxi, Mississippi. Pensacola. Lake Charles is good.

Sara- Have you guys made it to Europe yet? Not yet.

Brian- Nope, next summer. That means it's exactly one year after we were initially told we were going.

Sean- We're not angry or anything.

Joel- We'll all look a little different from our passports. 'Cause we all hurried up and got them.

Brian- So we each spent sixty or seventy bucks for our passports this past summer to go to Europe. So we're just waiting.

Bloody Wanker- What's your most embarrassing, strangest, or funniest tour or road story?

Brian- I'd say, we were driving through Louisiana and uh, Joel was playing the End of the World soundtrack…

Joel- Until the End of the World! (Until the End of the World was a good movie, go out and rent it. It's about this dream recording machine that these people get addicted to, it's about 3 hours long though, so don't plan on doing anything else for a while).

Brian- Until the End of the World soundtrack, and I was driving and everyone else was asleep.

Joel- And soon you were too!

Brian- It was at least 105 that day. And, I was kind of tired and the heat was making me even more tired. So I started falling asleep and everyone else was asleep and when I fall asleep I have a tendency to press on the gas more. So I was speeding up.

Sean- Notice how he said when he falls asleep behind the wheel because it happens quite frequently. (Everyone laughs)

Brian- Exactly. And uh, we almost rear ended a pick up truck full of like, just, a lot of stuff. And we all woke up at the same time, all five of us. And I swerved out of the way in time and everything, but it was just really scary and embarrassing. It was funny at the same time, ha ha.

Sara- Do you have a van, how do you get around?

(Weston's "Just Like Kurt" kicks in really loud in the background…)

Joel- Mumbles… something about four vans and a go cart.

Bloody Wanker- If you could commit any crime and get away with it, what would it be?

Sean- Speeding. Oh wait, no, vehicular assault, I've always thought about this. The people that cut you off on the highway, you should have the right to hit them. They shouldn't be driving like that in the first place. If they cut you off or something like that, you know how people pass you, they'll get behind you on the highway, and then they'll pass you, but you want to get over too…

Sara- And then you're blocked.

Sean- Right, right. That's when you go and hit people, just hit em' and knock em' right off the side of the road.
Sara- I have a tendency to tailgate when people piss me off.

Sean- Yeah, exactly, that's all you can do, you can't touch them.

Brian- I have the same kind of feeling, but mine's more geared towards old people. Sean tells me I should respect them 'cause they're older, but I think when they get to the age of 65 or so, they should have to retake their driver's test.

Everyone- Yeah, yeah.

Sara- You want to go back to the marriage question? Or, if you could have sex with any cartoon character, who would it be- that's the back up to the marriage question.

Sean- Azriel. (Everybody laughs.)

Noel- You're still caught up on the Smurfs there.

Sean- I have to go back to 1953 and find someone exactly like my mother and marry her.

Sara- Incest…

Bloody Wanker- Okay, do you have any last words?


Sara- Buy your new CD.

Joel- Don't buy our new CD. Don't buy our stuff. If you see our van, fuckin' slash the tires.

Sean- That would be awesome too.

Everyone- All right.

So that's it, the interview ends, we go out and watch Weston. Brian lets us get a free copy of the Creep Records sampler and we go home happy with free booty (that's booty as in pirate treasure, not that other booty).
Sometimes, Brian wore glasses.
Sometime, Joel sold t-shirts.

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