Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Slotcars and One Short Fall @ J.R.'s in Philadelphia, PA 11/19/09

First night of Tit Patrol mini-tour @ J.R.'s in Philly. The opening band didn't bother to show, so the Brown Bag Trio stepped up and in! Toddy accidentally left his git-box at the bar, but we weren't leaving for NY until the next day, so I went back in the morning and it was totally there! The Slotcars were awesome. We had heard them because they were in the Electric Cave right before Tit Patrol last November, and Joe played us some tunes, but this was the first time we saw 'em live. Awesome short, tight pop punk. One Short Fall would be with us for the rest of the weekend and are our new BFFB (Best Friends Forever Band). Seriously, thanks to One Short Fall for being a great band and great dudes, the Tit had an awesome time hanging out and playing with those guys, and we're gonna do it again ASAP.

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