Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wastoids Wednesdays (As Seen In Spark)

The Wastoids, surrounded by women, as usual.

Yes, I know tonight is Game 1. Yer tellin' me? The Wilmington Wastoids, and our leader Hot Toddy, support to our last breath the Fightin' Fuckin' Phils, and to a lesser extant, the Nation of Israel. Never the less, a booking is a booking and we will be shakin' it down on the stage at Homegrown Cafe on Main Street in Newark tonight. Two sets, one at ten pm and one at midnight, with Anne Frankenstein (with possibly a different name?) doin' it in between. We will have the Transistor Sister on stage with us for constant updates, and you can join us between sets at Margherita's Pizza to take in the game on full-color television. Go Phils! Go Wastoids!

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