Monday, October 19, 2009

Black Bubblegum!

The first half of the Headies recording sessions for their follow up to the million-selling "Sugar and Spice (And Everything's Fucked)" (Available on Interpunk) is complete. We spent the weekend at Second Story Sound in West Chester working with renowned producer Mike Bardzik and layed down seventeen tracks of drums, bass, two rhythm guitars, and saxophone. Still to come is all lead guitars, keyboards, tambourines, and lead and backup vocals featuring Grant and the Rad One from Tit Patrol, and maybe you! Well, probably not you. Fourteen songs will make up "Black Bubblegum" and hopefully be released next spring on twelve inch vinyl with complimentary free digital download card, and the remaining three songs are available for a split with some lucky band. Great work by Toddy, mc Ben, Billy Frolic, Wild Bill Kate, Mike Bardzik, and me! Ladies and gentlemen, commence drooling for this upcoming soul-punk epic!

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