Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chooch and the Rally 'Stache

Here is why we win: moral high ground, hard work on and off the field, the best fans in sport, super-human batsmanship, revenge (for 2007, 1977-78, 1993, and 1950), good, clean baseball - guaranteed to stick, we want the Yankees, home grown talent, brilliant General Management, West Virginian guts, swagger, "high hopes", WFC, non-stop believement (Patent Pending), a catcher who seamlessly blends the intellect of Niels Bohr with the work ethic of any given Panamaniac, and the rally 'stache. Soak it in Delaware Valley, never take it for granted, cry real tears, yell real loud, and STAY CLASSY.

For more Phillies portraits, check out Bobby Campbell!

This 'stache is dedicated to all Phillies everywhere, with special shout out to Huffer! "Phillies never say Philles are dead!" - the Main Man

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