Monday, January 19, 2009

What's That Over There!?!

Oh, that over there? In the sidebar? Well that is a couple of new widgets, they call 'em. The top one contains the entire new record by the Headies, entitled Sugar and Spice (and Everything's Fucked) and is due out on Madison Underground Records in February, but since yer cool and you know me, you get it early. It also has bonus tracks off our first EP It's A Super-Man's World, of which a few copies are still available! Underneath that is the epic and legendary Endless Mike Jambox with the full-length Another Hot Freshy-Freshy! I know, this is generous and unexpected, but that's Wilmington punk rock baby! Listen, ten times a day for a month and come to all our shows! Thanks to computer-genius Billy Frolic for widgetting me up!!! Check in with my favorite bass player at