Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hands On Throat

This is way overdue, but you should check out Oregon's own Hands On Throat!! Featuring the incomparable Sean Rule of Plow United and to a slightly lesser extant Power of IV fame on the drums! Seany is an Urkel-level bodhisattva whose penchant for good-will and kindness is matched only by his prowess on the skins. Hands On Throat is Sean's destiny, playing FOD meets JFA style metal-punk-metal and sorta freakin' rules. There stuff is catchy and hard, they seem to have a sense of humor, and the drums, of course, are spectacular! These videos are a bit older now, from April 2007... I only delayed my H.O.T. love out of a bit of jealousy... who wouldn't miss Sean?