Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nothing Nice To Say

Alright, usually, if someone is doing something artistic, funny, or having quality at all which is closely related to my illusory-self's interests, motives, agendi, I begrudge them their success for having a not quite so thouroughly perfect project as I would were I to have the project at all. Get it? But, I can find absolutely nothing wrong with the so-called FIRST punk rock web comic, "Nothing Nice To Say" by Mitch Clem. It is so good, if I had money it'd be pandering. Now, I warn you, it may not be for everybody. There are no "I can't believe he said that" kinda moments or controversy or anything. It's just a comic strip about two dudes who live for pop-punk and willingly embrace all the psuedo politics that accompany it whilst parodying the very same. For those of you who don't know me, that is what I do too! Clem has the whole thing up online from 2002 til the present, and I am a bit jealous of the self-contained pop-punk epic, but strangely, even more, it makes me fell really happy that somebody else out their gets it. It's also really cool to see the characters develop and the drawings as well. It's a culture that existed everywhere in the mid-nineties, and now on your PC! (or Mac) Check out these hilarious samples and then buzz over to for the whole story.