Thursday, July 24, 2008

Burger King Loaded Steakhouse Burger

At Burger King the other night, Nikki told me to get whatever I wanted, so I opted for the outrageously priced BK Loaded Steakhouse Burger... $7.49 for a "value" meal? Anyway, this burger is crazy... Angus half-pounder, always a plus, and covered with bacon, breaded fried onions, cheddar cheese, A-1 sauce, and some kinda "loaded baked potato mix", like mashers with sour cream and chives. The bun was drastically undersized, with the burger hangin' out a quarter inch on every side. Ahh... my emotions are conflicted, knowing that simplicity is key for a top-notch burg, but always appreciating the wild topping route as well.

In this case, more turns out to be less. At the old Wilbur Street Deli in Newark, they had all those kick-ass special sandwiches with everything, including fries, packed right in the roll. For example - meatballs, mozzarella sticks, marinara and more mozzarella, or chicken tenders, fries, Buffalo sauce, and blue cheese dressing, all on an eight inch roll. There's also one with chopped ground beef and a Gyro one, and I think Daffy Deli on Elkton Road might still do these same sandwiches - get them! But the mashed potato element on the BK offering queers the deal. It changes the whole landscape of the burger, the other flavors compromised. Sour cream and fries right on top would fix the problem, but they probably won't take that terrific step.

When it comes down to it, the potato topping is the key gimmick, differentiating this from the previous "Rodeo Burger." I appreciate the expansive thinking, but not the expensive price. With a bit of work, this interesting burger could be a good one.

RATING: 2 stars out of 5.

Pictured: Burger King's official press release photo, a shot of the same burger, but the dude ordered without cheese! What!?, and the BK's supreme Quad Laser Burger.

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